Dody's Oats

For the Woodland consort at The Clearing

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History and Performance Notes

cover artFor 28 years the late Dorathy (Dody) Magaziner was active in the Philadelphia Recorder Society, and for 15 summers she made the trek to The Clearing, a folk school in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin, where she was a beloved member of The Woodland Consort.

The Clearing offers such diverse classes as painting, quilting, birding, wood carving, poetry, rustic furniture making and much more in addition to music (visit Several of these disciplines can be happening concurrently during any given week, and a big communal breakfast brings everyone together each day. Home-cooked oats served family style are a major part of the breakfast tradition, making Dody’s Oats a natural choice for the title.

Commissioned in 2016 in Dody’s honor, this piece is purely for fun. It is structured like a pop tune, with recurring verses and choruses, blended together with a quasi-Latin feel such as in mm. 22-25 and 47-54. Dody loved the sparkling Sopranino, so a part was included to keep her spirit alive.

Performance notes: The slurs over selected dotted-8th figures are real slurs with a single initial articulation. Trills begin on the main note except in m. 75 in Sopranino where the trilled note is a repeat of the previous pitch, in which case the trill begins on the upper neighbor.

 Dody's Oats

Played by Jan Jaap Langereis of the Netherlands

Playing all parts himself!