"ShannonDuos" Vol 3
for Soprano and Tenor Recorders

Commissioned by Charles Fischer

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History and Performance Notes

cover artMy catalogue of compositions was lacking in music for two. Charles Fischer of Unicorn Music saw the gap and commissioned this set of 24 duets for recorders, in 8 volumes grouped by instrument combination. Their difficulty levels are generally suitable for intermediate players, though advanced players will find them enjoyable and challenging as well. As in all my music, tasteful ornamentation beyond what is notated is welcome and encouraged.

Volume 3 is for Soprano and Tenor recorders. Each duet is 3 pages, so an extra loose folio is provided with the third pages, to avoid impossible page turns.

“La Morena” (The Brunette) is an easy dance number with Latin-inspired rhythms. Syncopations impart a swing feel, but the piece is not actually played with swing, unlike “Phony Chacony” below.

“Ricercar” is an introspective duo-monologue, probing for answers to some deep philosophical question known only to the players. They think they have the answer at m. 60, but then they are not so sure.

“Phony Chacony” is a riff on the popular ground-bass dance form of the 16th and 17th centuries, taking its main character from the French Baroque chaconne and adding a jazzy swing. The swing should be played so the two 8th-notes of a pair overlap perfectly with the first and third 8th-notes of a triplet.