"ShannonDuos" Vol 5
for Alto and Tenor Recorders

Commissioned by Charles Fischer

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History and Performance Notes

cover artMy catalogue of compositions was lacking in music for two. Charles Fischer of Unicorn Music saw the gap and commissioned this set of 24 duets for recorders, in 8 volumes grouped by instrument combination. Their difficulty levels are generally suitable for intermediate players, though advanced players will find them enjoyable and challenging as well. As in all my music, tasteful ornamentation beyond what is notated is welcome and encouraged.

Volume 5 is for Alto and Tenor recorders and was the first set completed. Each duet is 3 pages, so an extra loose folio is provided with the third pages, to avoid impossible page turns.

“Easy Breezy” is a light bebop swing, to be played in a very relaxed but deliberate manner, especially the Tenor when in quarter-notes (like the double bass in a jazz duo).

“Two on a Raft” is a fun bluegrass-inspired song with bits of ragtime feel thrown in. It’s perhaps the most technically challenging piece of the three in this volume, with all the twang-y slides and grace notes, as if it were played on fiddles.

“Papillons” is a two-part invention in quasi-Baroque style (without swing), evocative of frolicking butterflies as the title suggests. The two parts come together in unison often at the cadential figures, and otherwise flit about in a game of tag.