"ShannonDuos" Vol 6
for Soprano and Bass Recorders

Commissioned by Charles Fischer

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History and Performance Notes

cover artMy catalogue of compositions was lacking in music for two. Charles Fischer of Unicorn Music saw the gap and commissioned this set of 24 duets for recorders, in 8 volumes grouped by instrument combination. Their difficulty levels are generally suitable for intermediate players, though advanced players will find them enjoyable and challenging as well. As in all my music, tasteful ornamentation beyond what is notated is welcome and encouraged.

Volume 6 is for Soprano and Bass recorders. Each duet is 3 pages, so an extra loose folio is provided with the third pages, to avoid impossible page turns.

“East Bay Rag” revisits the sounds of a Gold Rush saloon as imagined by Hollywood moviemakers. Note the 3+3+2 rhythm is notated at certain times and at other times, to visually convey the same effect under different circumstances.

Aptly titled in Yiddish, “Sheyne Meydele” is a Klezmer-inspired story following three moods of a “beautiful young girl” — one is slow and sobbing, begging for poignant, wailing ornamentation; another is sparkly and petulant, with just one written ornament “+” indicating a quick inverted mordent with the upper neighbor (); and a third mood might be a happy wedding dance driven by a pointy ostinato pattern in the Bass.

“Carnaval” is a rumba evoking imagery of a Cuban festival. The interwoven syncopated rhythms may look difficult at first glance but will flow easily with practice; players should strive to sound as natural as possible. Additional players with maracas, claves or other percussion would be a wonderful enhancement to the Latin sound.