Recorder Quartet
No. 2 "Wanderlust"

For SATB Recorders

Prize Winner, 2001 Chicago Composition Contest

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History and Performance Notes

This quartet was written in March 2001 specifically for the 7th Biennial Composition Competition sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the American Recorder Society, and won first prize. The name “Wanderlust” grew from the titles of the first two movements, which describe motion from one place to another. Members of the American Recorder Orchestra of the West have found this quartet to be accessible, fun to play, and most of all, "NOT WEIRD"!

Beeline Rondo
Play this movement with some drive. The tempo doesn't have to be really fast but there has to be a feeling of energy. It's called the Beeline, after all! Each section ends with a four-bar extension that has the Soprano holding a long final note while the lower voices play out rhythmic patterns. The rondo theme appears mostly in the Soprano but the Alto gets it just before each four-bar ending and the Tenor sneaks it in as the piece is winding down to its deliberate close.

The name should help you play it with the proper affect. It's a relaxed walk through the garden, maybe you've just come from brunch and had a couple bloody marys, the world is soft and fuzzy. Little duets between the Soprano/Alto and Tenor dot the landscape, but this is not a heavy cerebral piece of music.

There has to be a fugue in every quartet I write! I love fugues so much. This one has a very simple subject, all quarter notes with a quarter rest on the downbeat. Two distinct countersubjects weave in and out, passing around the circle here and there, punctuated by an arpeggio motif that ripples up through the four parts like big waves from bottom to top.


 Quartet No 2 "Wanderlust": Beeline Rondo


 Quartet No 2 "Wanderlust": Stroll


 Quartet No 2 "Wanderlust": Fugue


Played by Jan Jaap Langereis of the Netherlands

Playing all parts himself!