Concerto from L'Estro Armonico Op. 3 no. 11
after Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)

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History and Performance Notes

There is no way I was going to skip arranging this for recorders! It screams for it! The first time I played this fugue was in seventh grade band when I played bass clarinet. I loved the fugue subject, but the arrangers didn't put any info that identified the piece (it was just called "Concerto Grosso"), I went through years of not knowing what it was. Anyway, finally I tracked the piece down, as you can see.

The sources I used were both the string version for two violins and cello with orchestra, and the organ version that JS Bach did, S.596. I liked what Bach did better in some parts so I used that.

Some day I'd love to play it with more than a quartet, like maybe three on a part. Then the solo and tutti sections would really contrast each other! The players can take turns at being the soloists. ("Hello? Yes. I need eleven excellent recorder players and I need them fast!")

It seems my little adagio ending of the fugue is "historically inaccurate", as are some of the slurs. Ah, so what, it's all about having fun! But since you asked, that part seems to be the one with the greatest derailment potential. The tempo is slowing down and unless the players can look up from their music, there aren't too many rhythmic cues for everyone.